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Tagore Speaks to the Twenty-First Century
Christine Marsh


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Published June 2016.
ISBN 978-1-5262-0254-3
360 pp. including Introduction,
5 Chapters on Tagore’s books of lecture texts: Sadhana, Personality, Nationalism, Creative Unity and The Religion of Man, Conclusion, plus Notes section, Bibliography
and Index.


Tagore was an important pioneer and advocate for the principle of self-help, but this aspect of his work is not well understood. He believed that people should be given the freedom to work co-operatively towards self-reliance at the local community level, and enrich their lives as a result.
In this carefully researched book the author allows Tagore to speak through a set of published lecture texts by exploring their context and background in order to discover his motives and feelings at the time. Listening to and understanding Tagore’s insights and practical experiments could revive the faith he had in humanity and give us hope and courage to take a different path in the Twenty-First century.